The Accountability Advocates project is a big a part of Restless Development’s Youth Power campaign.

This campaign empowers young people to make sure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, inequality and climate change are implemented and governments are held accountable to this promise. It is a global campaign trying to make changes at local, national, and international level, because the promises of the Global Goals cannot be kept anywhere without young people acting everywhere. 

Data-driven Accountability is a key part of the campaign. Over the past year, 110 Youth Power Accountability Advocates from across Africa, Asia and Europe have gathered data on issues that affect people’s lives – they have used this data to hold decision-makers in their country to account on the Global Goals. There are lots of ways to be part of Youth Power. Join us.

As Accountability Advocates, our values mirror those of the Youth Power campaign.  We believe that if young people have the right knowledge, skills and networks, meaningful opportunities to participate, and the ability to create new data and share this, they will be leaders in holding governments to account for achieving the SDGs.

We want to tell the UK, and specifically young people, that the SDGs are relevant to the UK and we need to acknowledge their importance within the UK context. We want to make the case for youth-led accountability on the SDGs, and change people’s thinking on the capabilities of young people to be leaders of the issues they care about in their communities. The Accountability Advocates project is pioneering in empowering young people to hold their governments to account, and we want to share our experiences and advice so more young people can get involved.