As Accountability Advocates, our work has involved researching and collecting data on the SDG targets and indicators which relate to gender equality issues in the UK. In June 2016 we wrote our ‘National Accountability Framework’ which includes our research on several SDG indicators and our proposal for a complementary indicator.

For example, in researching the UK context and what progress must be made, we conducted our own primary data research using a Google survey to collect young peoples’ views on their experiences of sex education in school. The results of our consultation are included in this report and paint a picture of what actions the UK government must take to achieve progress.

We wanted this report to demonstrate young people’s capabilities to monitor and review government action on the SDGs in the UK. We hope this report can serve as inspiration for other young people to feel that they too can collect data, and that this kind of research can be accessible and feasible for anyone to do.

To read our full National Accountability Framework, written in June 2016, click below!



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Sex Education 

Gender-based Violence

FGM and Forced Marriage