Take a look at the recently released plans by the UK Government to make the SDGs a reality in the UK and abroad. It says that it is taking a cross-departmental approach to implement the Goals. Importantly for us, as young people monitoring the progress through data, it says:

The UK Government and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) will report progress against the Goals in line with the UN follow-up review process. ONS will provide available UK data against the global indicators to the UN for their annual progress reporting.

This is key for our work as Accountability Advocates, as it promises there will be data available for us to ensure progress is made in accordance to the Goals. We intend to ensure that this data will be disaggregated and reflect the experiences of young British people.

It’s a long report, but it is broken down in accordance to each the 17 respective Goals, so do check out the Goal which interests you.